Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Heliport

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Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Heliport via Seabus Skywalk – UPDATED August 14, 2018

Helijet passengers who use Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Harbour Heliport will encounter Fare Gates to complete their walking journey.

A Compass Card or contactless Visa or MasterCard credit card is required to access the *Waterfront Station Skywalk, (overhead walkway), to/from Helijet.

On a normal transit trip, the Fare Gates will acknowledge that you have a valid payment on your card when you tap in, and when you tap out it will charge the appropriate fare based on the distance of Fare Zones travelled. However, if guests tap in + tap out of the same station within 20 minutes you will see a tap in and refund.

Single-Use Compass Tickets purchased from ticket vending machines may also be used to walk through the station and/or as part of longer transit journey.

Remember you must TAP IN AND OUT of the station, even if a door or gate is open, failure to do so will result in your card being charged the maximum Translink 3-Zone fare.

For more information on the Compass Card program visit compasscard.ca/help

*Due to ongoing construction for renovations to the SeaBus terminal, the East Side access to/from the building has been restricted, West Side doors are open for pedestrians. Remember to look for the Compass Card Touchpad to TAP IN AND OUT of the station. Please be aware of construction detours for walking along Waterfront Road, you may be required to walk on the south side of the street to get around the construction zone, before crossing to the north side and the Heliport. 

Alternate options to walk to the Vancouver Harbour Heliport without accessing Waterfront Station are;

Via Waterfront Centre or Fairmont Waterfront  – From city level – take parking elevators down, exit parkade to Waterfront Road, walk east to Vancouver Harbour Heliport (just past the SeaBus dock).

Via Pan Pacific Hotel: From city level – walk through the hotel entrance, take parking elevator to P2, exit through the red exit door on your right, then exit through another red door on left which will lead outside to Waterfront Rd, walk east to Vancouver Harbour Heliport (just past the SeaBus dock)

Via Granville Square: From Waterfront Road – Walk west past SeaBus terminal, the first large building on the left, find the service elevators on the loading dock and take them up to main level and Granville Square


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