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Helijet Corporate Office

Helijet International Inc.
5911 Airport Road South
Vancouver International Airport
Richmond, BC V7B 1B5
Phone: +1.604.273.4688
Reservations: +1.800.665.4354

Donation Requests

Please visit Helijet Community Support
for information on how to submit your request.
Please refrain from sending requests to any Helijet individuals.
Only those with affirmative responses will receive a reply.

Helijet Charter Services

charters [at]

Vancouver/Victoria – Toll-Free: +1.800.987.4354
Sandspit, Haida Gwaii – Toll-Free: +1.877.569.4354
Prince Rupert – Toll-Free: +1.855.777.4354

Pacific Heliport Services

Victoria Harbour Heliport

Helijet Reservations & Flight Information: +1.800.665.4354
Cargo Information, Heliport Airside Operations: +1.250.386.7676

Vancouver Harbour Heliport

Helijet Reservations & Flight Information: +1.800.665.4354
Cargo Information, Heliport Airside Operation : +1.604.688.4646

Pacific Heliport Services, General Manager

Ms Aleks Powell
apowell [at]


Please note: donation requests for Helijet are not accepted on the above Pacific Heliport contacts.
Visit Helijet Community Support

Passenger / Scheduled Services

If you have a Passenger Service inquiry or a general question about Helijet, please email us at passengerservices [at] We’ll provide a reply within 24 to 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

For an immediate response or to make a booking, please call Helijet Reservations toll-free at 1.800.665.4354.