Do you have an important package that needs to get there?

Ship time sensitive envelopes and packages with the speed and reliability of Helijet Air Cargo.
Helijet carries cargo on most scheduled flights between Vancouver Harbour and Victoria Harbour or Nanaimo Harbour.


Please call us for current shipping schedule.

  • Vancouver Harbour:
    455 Waterfront Road West
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    vancargo [at]

  • Victoria Harbour: 

    79 Dallas Road
    Victoria, British Columbia
    viccargo [at]
  • Nanaimo Harbour:
    100 Port Way
    Nanaimo, British Columbia


  • Heli-Envelope: 

    Maximum Weight: 1kg(2.2lbs)
    Dimensions: 38cm X 48cm
  • Heli-Cargo: 

    Maximum Weight: 4.5kg(10lbs)
    Dimensions: 48cm X 15cm X 25cm
  • Heli-Courier:
    Maximum Weight: 13.6kg(30lbs)
    Dimensions: 69cm X 61cm X 43cm
    $25.00/courier bag


  • Overweight: 13.6 – 22.7kg (30 to 50lbs)
  • Overweight: 23kg and over (51lbs and over)
  • Dangerous Goods:

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise noted. 
Rates subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
Shipments must be processed a minimum of 30 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure.

In agreement with Transport Canada rules, Helijet reserves the right to inspect packages before departure.
For the comfort and safety of animals, Helijet does not transport animals of any variety, this includes; personal pets, animals destined for sale (pet stores), laboratory/medical animals or special assistance animals.

Cargo cannot exceed the maximum dimensions of the Sikorsky S76 baggage compartment :

Baggage Volume – 38 cu ft
Baggage Length – 2.9ft
Baggage Width – 5.8ft
Baggage Height – 2.25ft