Board of Directors

Alistair M. R. MacLennan

Chairman of the Board/Director

Daniel Sitnam

President & CEO/Director

Brian Walker


Steven A. Sanders



Rick Hill

Vice President, Commercial & Business Programs


Frank Inouye

Chief Financial Officer


Karen Sabourin

Director, Human Resources


Carla Kovacs

Director, Client Relations


David McNamar

Director, Maintenance




Director of Flight Operations



Mike Potter

Director - Flight Operations & Interim Chief Pilot, Rotary Wing


Garth Eichel

Chief Pilot, Fixed Wing


Kevin Robinson

Chief Engineer


Morris Forchuk

Manager, Procurement & Fleet Planning


Jim Forbes

Manager, Quality Assurance


Dave Boyle

Manager, Safety Systems


Troy MacDonald

Director of Sales


Jay Minter

Director of Marketing


Scott Speakman

Manager, Sales and Community Relations - Nanaimo Mid-Island


Aleks Powell

Manager, Client Relations - Vancouver


Tracey Fetherston

Manager, Client Relations - Victoria & Nanaimo


Tammi Lim

Manager, Resort Operations


Andrew Scott

Base Manager, Haida Gwaii/Prince Rupert

Toll Free: 1.877.569.4354

Bob Claridge

Security Coordinator/Agent, Flight Operations