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Board of Directors

Alistair M. R. MacLennan

Chairman of the Board/Director

Daniel Sitnam

President & CEO/Director

Brian Walker


Steven A. Sanders



Rick Hill

Vice President, Commercial & Business Programs


Frank Inouye

Chief Financial Officer


Karen Sabourin

Director, Human Resources


Carla Kovacs

Director, Client Relations


David McNamar

Director, Maintenance


Mike Potter

Director of Flight Operations


Dave Boyle

Director, Safety & Security



Mike Garland

Chief Pilot, Rotary Wing


Amundeep Nahal

Amundeep Nahal

Chief Pilot, Fixed Wing

Simon Losel

Chief Engineer Production & Planning

Phil Sevensma

Manager, Flight Operations & Standards

Tammi Lim

Manager, Field Operations and Crew Planning


Troy MacDonald

Director of Sales


Jay Minter

Director of Marketing


Scott Speakman

Manager, Sales and Community Relations - Nanaimo Mid-Island


Aleks Powell

Manager, Client Relations - Vancouver


Tracey Fetherston

Manager, Client Relations - Victoria & Nanaimo


Andrew Scott

Base Manager, Haida Gwaii/Prince Rupert

Toll Free: 1.877.569.4354