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Passenger Check-in :

  • Between Vancouver Harbour or Vancouver Airport and Victoria Harbour or Nanaimo Harbour; passengers must check-in for all flights at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure times. When flight boarding commences, seats may be forfeited.  Failure to check-in may result in a no-show penalty & any onward/return flights may be cancelled.
  • While waiting to board their flight, passengers are welcome to enjoy the amenities available at Helijet terminals including; complimentary snacks & beverages, telephones, newspapers, televisions, business workstations & wi-fi access

Fare Rules / No Show & Cancellation Policy :

Subject to change without notice

  • All reservations require a credit card at time of booking, payment is applied at time of check-in. Fares and figures are presented in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise noted. Fares shown are valid for one-way per person, including air transportation fees plus applicable taxes (GST), charges and fees.
    All seats may be booked up until boarding time, listed fares are inventory controlled based on availability.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all fares may be cancelled, changed and refunded up to 5pm the day prior to departure. All same-day bookings are non-refundable.
  • After 5pm, all next-day travel is non-refundable and only changeable for same-day travel; fare upgrade may be required. On the day of travel, changes must be made at least 1 hour prior to departure or the cancellation fee, equal to the value of one-way travel, will apply.
  • Failure to check-in 20 minutes prior to departure will also result in the cancellation of any onward and/or return reservations, with any applicable cancellation fees applied.
  • If flights are cancelled, consolidated or unable to operate, no charges shall apply. Passengers will be given the option to change flights or cancel travel, and assisted in making any alternative travel plans.

Flight Delays or Cancellations :

  • Scheduled flights board at least 10 minutes prior to departure.
  • If a flight is delayed significantly, or cancelled after boarding, passengers will be asked to disembark and return to the terminal, where they will have access to washroom facilities, snacks, beverages, wi-fi and other services. Helijet Passenger Agents will keep passengers advised of the reason for the disruptions and regularly update (at least every 30 minutes) the flight status.
  • If a flight is delayed or cancelled prior to boarding, Helijet Passenger Agents will keep passengers advised of the reason for the disruptions and regularly update (at least every 30 minutes) the flight status. If passengers are in the terminal, announcements will be audible or in person.
  • If a flight is delayed or cancelled prior to check-in, Helijet Passenger Agents will keep passengers advised of the reason for the disruptions by email, phone, or text messaging (depending on contact information provided at time of booking).
  • For flight cancellations or significant delays, passengers will have the following options:
    • Rebook, at no additional charge, on to the next available Helijet flight to your destination.
    • Cancel, then rebook to a different date, at no additional charge, on to another Helijet flight to your destination.
    • Cancel flight and refund any fare charges (plus return flight, if applicable), with no fee. Helijet Agents can assist with making alternative travel arrangements, if requested.
    • For flight cancellations that are within the control of Helijet and not related to safety, passengers are entitled to compensation based on the length of the flight delay at arrival of their destination.
      $125, for delays more than 3 but less than six hours.
      $250, for delays more than 6 but less than nine hours.
      $500, for delays more than nine hours.

Service Charges :

  • Service charges may apply for refund requests after travel, changes to form of payment after travel, changes to reservations (subject to individual fare rules) and for copies of receipts or invoices.

 Travel Identification :

  • Adults (18 years +) Transport Canada regulations require all passengers appearing 18 years and older to present original government-issued photo identification (ID) prior to boarding a Helijet flight. The ID must match the name of the reservation and show date of birth.
    This can include:
    -one piece of photo identification issued by a Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government with your full name and date of birth or
    -two pieces of non-photo government-issued identification, must have your name and at least one must have your full name and date of birth.
    Acceptable documents include passport, citizenship card, Canadian permanent resident card, provincial driver’s licence or health card, Old Age Security (OAS) identification card, Certificate of Indian Status (Status Card) issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, NEXUS card, firearms licence. Hunting, fishing and boating licenses are not accepted.
  • Only the original document is acceptable; photocopies, photos or digital copies are not valid.
  • Youth (13-17 inclusive) travelling unaccompanied: valid Government issued ID recommended but not required. Proof of age may be required for youth appearing under 13 years of age.
  • Youth (13-17 inclusive) travelling with an adult guardian: valid Government issued ID recommended but not required
  • Children (8-12 years of age inclusive) travelling as Unaccompanied Minors: a photocopy (not the original) of the child’s government-issued identification showing name, date of birth must be presented and will accompany the child’s flight.
  • Children (8-12 years of age inclusive) travelling with an adult guardian: identification is recommended but not required, however proof of age may be required for those appearing over 12 years of age, and to qualify for Helijet Kids Fly Free program.
  • Children (2 to 7 years of age inclusive) Must travel with an accompanying adult. Government issued ID recommended but not required.
  • Infants (under 2 years of age) Must travel with an accompanying adult.
    Infants under 2 years of age do not require a seat when booked with and travelling on the lap of an accompanying parent or guardian. Identification is not required but proof of age may be required (photocopy accepted) for infants appearing over 2 years of age. If Identification is not available, guests can change to a later flight or if available, a seat may be purchased for travel on the flight booked. A refund can be requested upon presentation of Infant Proof of Age.

Refusal To Transport :

  • Helijet reserves the right to refuse transportation to those who:
    • fail to present the appropriate and valid forms of identification and documentation for travel.
    • behave in a way that may interfere with the flight, or puts the safety of other passengers or the crew at risk.
    • miss deadlines for check in or boarding.

Denied Boarding :

  • Denied boarding happens when there are fewer seats available on a flight than there are passengers who have checked in, on time, for boarding with proper identification and documentation.
  • Helijet does not overbook its flights and does not ‘bump’ passengers.
  • If any passenger is denied boarding on a flight for a reason that is within Helijet’s control and is not required for safety, they will be advised and assisted in making alternate travel arrangements. They are also entitled to compensation based on the length of delay arriving at their final destination.
    $900, for delays up to six hours.
    $1800, for delays more than six but less than nine hours.
    $2400, for delays more than nine hours.

Seat Assignment for Adults, and Children under 14 years of age:

  • Helijet’s Sikorsky S-76 helicopters are configured with 3 bench rows of 4 seats.
  • Helijet does not guarantee the assignment of any particular seat onboard the aircraft.
  • Passengers may advise check-in agents, that they are travelling as a group or are a family with children under 14 years of age. The flight crew will seat children in close proximity to their parent or guardian at the aircraft. Infants 2 years and under will be seated on the parent’s lap. Children 4 years and younger will be seated adjacent to their parent or guardian, Children 5-11 will be within the same row, and children 12 or 13 will be within one row of their parent or guardian.
  • Unaccompanied Children, aged 8-12 years of age can be accommodated, with advanced notice as availability is limited. Please advise Helijet agents at time of booking by phone at +1.800.665.4354 for requirements of the parents and/or guardians.
  • Accommodations will also be made for accessibility needs (see below).
  • Passengers at emergency exit seats will be assessed by crew to be adults capable of operating the exits in case of emergency.

Accessibility :

  • As accessible seating space onboard the aircraft is limited, to make your check-in and flight experience as pleasant as possible, persons with disabilities, passengers with limited mobility and/or special needs are required to make their seat request with a Helijet Reservations Agent by phone  +1.800.665.4354 prior to booking. Bookings made online, or without prior request, may not be able to be honoured for a desired flight.
  • A mobility device, such as wheelchair, walker, cane or crutches, may be used by the passenger to approach the aircraft, but passengers must have the ability to embark/disembark the aircraft with minimal assistance.  Helicopter boarding requires the ability to step, pull or be assisted up two steps, onto the aircraft to slide across the bench seating.

Animals on Helijet :

  • For the comfort and well-being of passengers and their pets, Helijet does not accept the carriage of pets in the passenger cabin nor cargo hold. The hold is not pressurized or sound-proofed like the passenger cabin and is therefore very noisy and not climate controlled.
  • In addition, Helijet does not transport Pet Store animals of any variety, nor do we transport laboratory/medical animals.
  • Due to the configuration and space of the helicopters, Helijet also does not carry Special Assistance Animals of any kind.
    If you have a Special Assistance Animal, a Helijet Reservations Agent will be happy to recommend alternative carriers.

Baggage :

  • Personal Baggage Allowances may vary depending on the route and aircraft type. We recommend confirming restrictions before packing for travel to ensure your check-in experience is as quick as possible.
  • For scheduled flights operated by Sikorsky S-76 aircraft baggage limit is 2 pieces per person totalling 50 lbs / 22.6 kgs, no cabin baggage is allowed. Excess baggage will be accepted on a space available basis only.
    Baggage may not exceed the maximum dimensions of the Sikorsky S-76 baggage compartment:
    Length – 2.9ft, Width – 5.8ft, Height – 2.25ft
  • Sporting Equipment, including Skis, Snowboards, Boots, or Golf Clubs must be suitably contained and packed for air travel, Helijet does not provide any sort of packing materials required.
  • Musical Instruments, which are not suitable for carriage as checked baggage will only be accepted for transportation in the passenger cabin of the aircraft with advance notice and Helijet’s agreement to carry the object. As there are no cabin storage spaces on Helijet flights, the passenger will pay the regular fare of an additional seat to hold the object. The instrument must be suitably contained and packed for travel, and must be able to fit within the restrictions of the passenger seat when secured by the seatbelts.

Restricted Articles :

  • Due to Transport Canada regulations, some items may be restricted from travel and/or considered Dangerous Goods due to their physical or chemical properties. Please check before packing to ensure all belongings will travel with you on your journey. Some of the items not permitted to be carried in the cabin are; firearms, sharp cutting objects, sporting equipment, restraining devices, power tools or some liquids, aerosols, and gels.
  • Visit Transport Canada’s “Prohibited Items List” for further information.

Lost, Damaged or Delayed Baggage :

  • If your baggage has been potentially lost, damaged (beyond general wear & tear) or delayed, please advise a Helijet representative as soon as possible.
  • Damaged baggage claims must be submitted in writing within 7 days of receipt of your baggage.
  • Potentially lost baggage claims must be submitted within 21 days.
  • If your baggage has been lost or damaged, any fees paid for that baggage will be refunded.

Baggage Liability :

  • As noted in Rule 120 of the Helijet Local Domestic Tariff, the liability for the loss of and/or damage to any personal property, including baggage or goods is limited to an amount equal to the value of such luggage or goods which shall not exceed $500(CAD) per passenger.

Air Passenger Protection Regulations :

  • If you are denied boarding, your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, or your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about your passenger rights please contact your air carrier or visit the Canadian Transportation Agency’s website.
  • Si l’embarquement vous est refusé, ou si votre vol est annulé ou retardé d’au moins deux heures ou si vos bagages sont perdus ou endommagés, vous pourriez avoir droit au titre du Règlement sur la protection des passagers aériens, à certains avantages au titre des normes de traitement applicables et à une indemnité. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur vos droits, veuillez communiquer avec votre transporteur aérien ou visiter le site Web de l’Office des transports du Canada.

Tariff :