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Top 10 Reasons to #HOPTHEPOND – August/September ’16

By August 8, 2016February 13th, 2024IFR Blog / Helijet News

Summer is in full swing and this edition of CVV Magazine’s Helijet Top 10 Reasons to #HopThePond is filled with great activities to get you out and about to enjoy the great outdoors and more!

It’s a beautiful time to take off for a spectacular flight across the Salish Sea!
Our friends at CVV Magazine have compiled another awesome Top 10 list of great excuses for Vancouver Island residents to #HopThePond and make a trip to Vancouver. These are just a few of the activities happening around the region, don’t let us stop you from finding your own reasons to #HopThePond

Check out the list and then give us a call to book your trip!

CVVTV : Helijet TOP 10 Reasons to Hop The Pond : August & September

Click on the links below for tickets/more info:

Theatre Under The Stars