Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Heliport

By February 20, 2016IFR Blog / Helijet News

Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Heliport via Seabus Skywalk

Our passengers who regularly use Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Harbour Heliport will have noticed many changes over the last months, Fare Gates are closing and the Compass Card is now in use.

The Waterfront Station Skywalk, (overhead walkway), to Helijet has always been a “fare paid zone” meaning you must be able to show Proof of Payment, a valid transit ticket, to access the Skywalk & SeaBus Terminal.  Before Fare Gates Translink has graciously allowed our passengers to walk through their property at Waterfront Station without enforcing the Fare Paid Zone.  However, with the closure of the Fare Gates, the Fare Paid Zone rules are being enforced by Transit Police.

We appreciate that this change is an inconvenience to some of our non-transit riding passengers that are used to accessing the Skywalk as an easy way to get to Helijet. We have been in contact with Translink since the beginning of the Compass Card program to ensure that our passengers’ needs were kept in mind, as a result Compass has an option to allow Waterfront Station access to Vancouver Harbour Heliport via the Skywalk without a charge.

On a normal transit trip, the Compass Card will read that you have a valid Fare on your card when you tap in, and when you tap out it will charge the appropriate fare based on the distance travelled. However, if you use your Compass Card to tap in + tap out of the same station within 20 minutes you will not be charged.

Please ask our agents for details on the options available for Helijet Passengers;

  • If you are already a Compass Card holder, whether you are taking transit or not on this trip, tap in / tap out of Waterfront Station. If you tap in / tap out of the same station (even if different entrance/exit) within 20 minutes you will not be charged.
  • If you do not have a Compass Card, we suggest purchasing a Compass Card ($6) from the machines at the station and adding a small Stored Value, even if you are not a transit rider. The Stored Value will be verified as your valid Fare when you tap in at a Fare Paid Zone. If you tap out at the same station, within 20 minutes, your Stored Value will remain on your card, and is available for your next trip. The $6 purchase price of the Compass Card is a deposit that can be refundable if you cease to need access to Translink property.
  • If you do not want to use a Compass Card, alternate access to Waterfront Road is available via Granville Square or Waterfront Centre parking garages, ask our agents for directions.

We understand that this new access requirement to get to Helijet is not as convenient but by informing you of the changes and providing some options we hope that this will help mitigate the issue.

For more information on the Compass Card program visit askcompass.ca

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