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Tourism Industry Stand-by / Space-Available Travel Guidelines

We are happy to welcome aboard our industry colleagues who qualify for stand-by travel privileges but ask that you please consider the following guidelines before beginning your stand-by travel;

  • Prior to travel it is advisable to visit and look at flights schedules and availability of seats online or contact Helijet Reservations at 1-800-665-4354, identifying yourself as traveling space-available, to check on availability for desired flights. It is suggested to have an alternate plan for return travel as flights may sell out with short notice.
  • Please have your Tourism Privilege Pass, Tourism Passport, original authorization form or required industry identification/proof of employment available to present to the Helijet check-in agent. If the stand-by authorization is waiting for you at the terminal it will be under your name, please advise the agent of your stand-by status when approaching the counter.
  • Check-in is required at least 30 min. prior to flight time for both, Vancouver-Victoria and Vancouver-Nanaimo routes.
  • All Passengers MUST also have valid government issued photo identification (Driver’s License, Passport, Govt ID) available for presentation at check in. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they carry correct documentation for both the destination and the return flights.
  • If a terminal is unable to board you, please accept the fact without comment. If your seat is needed due to a late arriving passenger after boarding or if you are asked to deplane at an enroute stop, please do so quietly and promptly.
  • Please do not discuss your fare or travel privileges around other passengers.
  • Dress Code: Please remember you are representing your place of work when travelling on industry space-available privileges.  A neat, clean, well groomed, smart-casual appearance is requested on all flights. Unacceptable attire could include but is not limited to; torn jeans, T-shirts/Tank-Tops, clothing with potentially offensive graphics or wording, athletic apparel (track suits, sweatshirts unless Helijet-Partners, in Uniform), ball caps, bucket hats, athletic shorts or cut-offs (walking shorts are OK in summer).

Helijet reserves the right to deny boarding of any passenger, and abuse of travel privileges may find them revoked for the traveller and/or their organization.