Your time is valuable.

Don’t let airline schedules, long check-ins, connecting flights, baggage problems, and limited destination options waste your valuable time and restrict business opportunities.

Our superb Jet Charter service eliminates check-in hassles and carry-on baggage restrictions. Within 30 minutes of checking in at Helijet’s own Vancouver Airport Terminal, you will be well on your way at over 500 mph — while your competition is still clearing security or stuck at the gate waiting to board.
Our comfortably appointed jet aircraft can take you direct to any of the 2,000^ jet-friendly airfields across North America and beyond. Whether it’s a visit to corporate offices or factories, conventions, meeting or trade shows, inspection of supplier offices or a corporate golf retreat, fly straight to the nearest airport, arrive comfortable, relaxed and ready for business. When your finished we’re there, ready and waiting to get you back underway. Not a minute wasted.


Onboard business doesn’t need to stop, the aircraft is a comfortable boardroom, where you and your associates and clients can conduct business in total security and confidentiality. Or…just sit back, relax and recharge.

Whether you’re flying Helijet Jet Charters for business or pleasure the options, destinations and possibilities are endless.
For further information, please contact:
Troy MacDonald, Director of Sales
email: troymacdonald [at]
phone: +1.250.889.6851

Sample flight miles/times from Vancouver:
Calgary 427/1:06
Chicago 1775/3:48
Dallas 1752/3:45
Fort McMurray 716/1:41
Halifax 2757/5:46
Las Vegas 992/2:14
Los Angeles 1081/2:25
Montreal 2291/4:50
New York City 2445/5:08
Ottawa 2210/4:40
Prince Rupert 469/1:11
San Francisco 800/1:51
Toronto 2082/4:25
Washington DC 2341/4:56

*when emailing, please include number of passengers, the destination, departure point, desired date and time of your flight.